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If you go out shooting you’re going to need some sort of a shooting jacket or coat.

What you choose depends on what you’re going to be doing out in the field. If you’re deer stalking, you’re going to need something that you can wear silently, nothing that rustles.

Wildfowling jackets will need to be warm, waterproof and possibly in a camo pattern.

disabled shooting

The clay ground has its own rules

On the clay ground however you’re going to be looking for a jacket that lets you move freely – and it can be as bright as you want.

grouse shooting

Always wear dark colours on the grouse moor

On the grouse moor or driven shooting it’s another story. This is the time when tweeds come into their own and muted colours that reflect your surroundings.

However the one thing all jackets have in common is that they have to allow you to shoot your best, remain comfortable during whatever the weather throws at you and be durable.

Here’s a selection of shooting jackets to consider. You might also like to read our advice on what to wear shooting and what to wear clayshooting.

Alan Pain’s Fernley Field Coat review

When it comes to shopping for country coats, one of the things I struggle with is finding a good ‘all-rounder’. There is a wide selection of beautiful coats available from many brands, and going into a country clothing shop can provoke a ‘kid in a candy store’ feeling; too much…

wildfowling on marsh

The best waterproof shooting jackets

The best waterproof shooting jackets will keep you in the field all year round. No matter how heavy the rain, if you’re wearing one of these you’ll be able to get on with the job in hand. If your jacket isn’t waterproof and you’re caught in a downpour it really…

best fleece shooting jackets

Best shooting fleece jackets and tops – to wear alone or under your coat

We are supported by our audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more It’s not so long ago that shooting fleece jackets didn’t exist. Whilst we love traditional tweeds and the cosiness of a pure new wool jumper, fleece certainly has its…

woman clayshooter

The best clay shooting jackets

We are supported by our audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more You can be very exposed to the wind and rain on a clay ground and that’s when layers come into their own. So we’ve picked out a selection of…

Seeland Woodcock II Advanced jacket

Seeland Woodcock Advanced Jacket: in a class of its own

Seeland Woodcock Advanced Jacket – RRP £199.99 This classic game shooting jacket is available for men and ladies and at first glance might seem like any other green shooting jacket. However when designing this jacket, great consideration has been given to the innovative four way stretch material that gives the…

beaters in high vis

Is high vis clothing the future for beaters in the UK?

“Boy looks like he has ram-raided John Norris.” The ‘boy’ in question was in fact a young man, but the rest of my fellow beater’s comment was acerbically accurate. The individual in question was wearing wellies with buckles, tweed breeks, a checked shirt with a tie and gilet with contrasting…


Härkila Stornoway 2.0 HWS coat put to the test

The Härkila Stornoway 2.0 HWS coat is primarily designed for driven shooting. However, as it is relatively lightweight, windproof, breathable and waterproof, I decided to test it beyond what it is designed for by taking it on a couple of walked-up days. If it can withstand heavy physical exertion, it…

best tweed jackets

The best tweed jackets: here are our top picks

It’s always useful to have a few good jackets and blazers to wear and a sports jacket in a Harris tweed or similar is a garment that you’ll put on again and again. The best tweed jackets will look good if you’re having lunch in a country pub, if you’re…

Schoffel Womens Lilymere Hacking Jacket

Best tweed shooting jackets for ladies

At last, designers and clothing manufacturers are waking up to the fact that country-loving females want to look smart and stylish in a jacket that is designed to blend in out in the field, walking the dog, watching the rugby and over drinks in the pub. We asked around some…

Rough shooting jacket – what are the best options?

Many shooters are introduced to the sport through either rough shooting or walked-up shooting, and it is often the starting point for the best Shots, as it is a perfect way to get fresh air, be out in nature, and get plenty of exercise, as you’ll likely spend a while…

camouflage jackets

Camouflage jackets – our top picks

The type of camouflage jackets you are going to need can differ depending on the time of year, location or quarry you are hunting (check out our advice on how to choose the right camouflage). The basics will always apply: pick a camouflage jacket that will help you to blend…

Tweed shooting coat

The best tweed shooting coats

A comfortable, breathable, stylish shooting coat is a key part of shooting clothing. While technical fabrics have been on the march in recent years, tweed still has a place in the hearts of traditional country people. (If you’re looking for something smarter for a night at the local pub or…

best wildfowling jackets

Best wildfowling jackets – we put them to the test

Why we need the best wildfowling jackets It is 4am in mid-January. The Shipping Forecast warns of meteorological Armageddon from Gibraltar Point to North Foreland. Sleet like spittle taps the windows and a gusting north-easterly is making up its mind whether or not to remove the shed roof. In conditions…

best lightweight jackets for shooting

The best lightweight jackets for shooting

While the summer sun cracks the flagstones and sensible dogs seek shade, choosing a coat is probably the last thing on your mind. However, as we all know, the British weather is a fickle mistress. I am looking at four factors in my choice of autumn sporting coat when picking…

Product spotlight: Kivikko anorak from Sasta

Sasta is a family run business that was founded in the wilderness of northern Finland over 50 years ago. At the heart of the brand is the ethos of equipping yourself properly when heading out into the great outdoors. All Sasta products are available from Outwear.

Mehto Pro 2.0 Jacket

The Sasta Hunting and Outdoor ranges are distributed by Outwear across the UK and Ireland

Kit for clay shooting and outdoor activities

Seeland strives to design, create and provide good value, well-made products that enhance your shooting experience.  Our clothing is designed by people who shoot for people who shoot. We know the fit and finish that is required, where zips and pockets should be placed, the importance of a well-placed vent.…