Labrador bitch with gundog puppies

There are so many questions when it comes to choosing and buying gundog puppies.

For a start, which would be the right gundog breed for you? A lot depends on the sort of work you want the dog to do – for example, if you’re a wildfowler then you’re almost certainly going to choose a Labrador.

English springer puppy

Breeds like cocker spaniels and springers have their followers too. Then there are the hunt, point and retrieve breeds (HPR).

  • Even at a young age puppies will start to establish a ‘pecking’ order.
  • The independent puppy may feel intimidated by the over-excitement of his brothers and sisters, or he could be a puppy that watches and weighs things up before wading in with all fours – a thinker.
  • Puppies that don’t get involved with playtime do develop into clingy individuals when separated from the other puppies.
  • If you are looking for a puppy to compete with at a later stage, look for one that shows lots of natural ability such as hunting.
  • Try short retrieving exercises with a lightweight dummy or old sock, even at a young age.
  • Many gundog trainers like a puppy to be very bold and outgoing and in the thick of it at all times.

Finding a reputable gundog breeder and checking the puppy’s health and heritage are all part of the process.

puppy with ball

When should you start training your puppy? How young is too young? And when should it make its first foray out into the field? What can you expect?

If you’re considering breeding from your own dog we’ve plenty of advice on that subject at well.

Finally, we’ve a useful guide to gundog terminology here, so you’re familiar with all the right words.

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black Labrador puppy

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