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8 commonly asked ferreting questions

1. What do you do about ferreting in the summer months? How a keen ferreter makes best use of this ‘downtime’. 2. Will ferreting regularly make my ferrets tame? How are your skills with them? 3. Buying your first ferret. The do’s and don’ts.  4. If a ferret is a bad mum,…

hob ferret

Buying your first ferret

Q: I am getting my first ferret. My parents are a bit apprehensive but I have managed to convince them that it is a good idea. I am unsure whether to get a male or a female. A: I would always side towards your parents’ caution when answering this question as I have…

Retiring lurcher from ferreting

Retiring a lurcher from a ferreting career

It is at this time of year when I scrutinise the strengths and weaknesses of my ferrets and ask myself questions such as which hob do i breed from to improve my stock, which hob and jill will pair up best to reinvigorate the line and what equipment needs replacing, repairing…


Run rabbit run, here comes the lurcher

When I was growing up I used to spend a lot of my school holidays with my grandparents in a small rural village in Kent. Next door lived an old man called Bert, he was a cowman on a local farm, but what he didn’t know about the countryside just simply…

Ferreting with traps

Ferreting with traps

Simon Whitehead punctuates the rising rabbit numbers by using the cage trap and the rabbit drop box, which both work even whilst you sleep!

What causes colour variations in the rabbits I’m ferreting?

I have taken on some new ground just four miles from farms which I’ve been ferreting for several years. Apart from two black rabbits netted in the 15 years I’ve been doing it, all the rest of the bunnies have been of ‘normal’ colour.

What could my ferrets be scared of?

The other day I put two ferrets into a rabbit hole but both backed away from it with their backs hunched and fur flared out. What causes that sort of reaction?