Sporting Answers: Locating a lost ferret

Sporting Answers: Locating a lost ferret

Q) I have just started ferreting with some new friends and we tend to spend long periods waiting for our ferrets to return. None of us has a ferret finder and we are all fairly inexperienced. Is one really necessary? M. GARBUTT By email

A fledgling ferreter

Q)I have two pet ferrets and am interested in working them. Do you need to train ferrets to hunt rabbits or do they do it naturally? Also, if I do take them out, what is the best way to catch the rabbits, and how should I despatch them once caught?…

Ferret at large

Q) Recently my hob ferret escaped from his hutch and remains missing. Where are the best places to enquire or advertise the fact that he has gone astray? And are there any other avenues that I should explore to try to find him? T. GOLDRICK By email