Gamekeepers pie recipe with haunch of venison

Gamekeepers pie with haunch of venison

With less fat and cholesterol than beef but more iron, venison can be used as a substitute for beef and is a very versatile ingredient. A lack of fat can make it a tricky game meat to cook, but follow these venison recipes and you’ll have a deliciously juicy red meat to serve that is much healthier than similar meats.

In addition, venison generally has a better provenance than beef, particularly if you shoot it yourself.

Today venison is freely available in butchers and supermarkets but in the past this wild meat was only available to landowners who hunted it on their estates.

Health benefits of venison

  • High Omega 3 levels
  • Low cholesterol
  • No antibiotics
  • Low fat

Venison is becoming increasingly popular and sales of the meat are up. It is of course perfect for those following the ‘Paleo’ diet.

When cooking venison always remember to rest it for 5-10 minutes to encourage the juices to run through.

Our recipes offer plenty of different ways to serve this versatile meat. Many people just think of roast venison, but there is much more to cooking it than that. You can use venison on skewers on a barbecue, or create a venison curry or use venison mince for burgers or lasagne. It’s also wonderful in a terrine, a stir fry or a venison pie.

Venison is lean, so you need to be careful not to overcook it. Searing is generally recommended.

Browse through our venison recipes below for inspiration.

Venison and chorizo sausages

Venison chorizo sausages with truffled polenta

Roe is a fantastic venison and is ideal for making sausages. (Read more on which deer species offer the best tasting venison?) Venison chorizo sausages with truffled polenta and a…

venison steak recipe

Venison steak with a blue cheese melt

Venison steak is primarily from the haunch muscles. The haunch can be broken down into three primary joints for cutting into venison steak — the topside, silverside and the thick…

slow cooked venison

Slow cooked venison shoulder recipe

Slow cooked venison shoulder with peppers and beans Ingredients 1 shoulders of venison, bone-in (in this case a small fallow) Light olive oil 1 large onion 2 cloves garlic 2…

venison meatballs

Venison meatballs and tagliatelle

Venison meatballs and tagliatelle Venison meatballs with anchovy olives and sun-dried tomatoes, herbs and tagliatelle pasta. (You might like to read which deer species offers the most delicious venison.) Ingredients…

recipe for venison pie with mash

Recipe for venison pie with mashed potato

Pie and mash is historic, so for this recipe for venison pie with mash I have kept to tradition, but swapped the minced beef with venison, which works very well…

venison involtini recipe

Venison involtini with roasted fennel

This venison recipe works with all sorts of venison, but I have tweaked this version to work best with red deer meat. The herbs and the roasted fennel all slant…

recipe for venison cannelloni

A recipe for venison cannelloni

There’s a group of pubs, scattered between inner London and Oxford, that I urge anyone to seek out. The term ‘gastropub’ is used to describe pub food. I dislike it.…

Venison kofta

Venison kofta kebabs – deliciously spicy

Muntjac is the ideal venison for these stunning kofta kebabs. Venison Kofta kebab with a red onion salad, Greek yoghurt and honey sauce Ingredients 500g minced venison shoulder, scrag or…

pulled venison recipe creole style

Pulled venison recipe – Creole style

Pulled venison recipe – Creole style I would recommend using roe or fallow for this lip-smacking Creole-style pulled venison recipe. (Read here on which deer species offers delicious venison.) Ingredients…

Venison chops with blueberry sauce

Recipe for venison chops with blueberry sauce

Venison is often overlooked in the barbecue season, but venison sausages, steak or delicious slow-smoked shoulder can be tasty choices and muntjac makes exceptional venison burgers. The venison chops I…