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Although it is heartening to see rabbit numbers bouncing back after several years of rapid decline due to viral haemorrhagic disease, they are still an agricultural pest and cause serious and costly damage. Faced with a serious influx and tricky shooting conditions, Mat Manning goes prone and calls on the support of a bipod.

If there is a pest that people really don’t want close to their homes it has to be the brown rat. These revolting rodents have a reputation for spreading disease and are also in the habit of gnawing through everything from fence panels to power cables., so Mat sets up a bait trap to rid the flowerbeds of these rampaging rodents.

Mat also gives his verdict on the Gamo Swarm Roadster GEN2 – a remarkable airgun that combines break-barrel simplicity with the speed and efficiency of magazine loading.

Mike Morton, meanwhile, has been trying to unravel one of the greatest mysteries of airgun shooting – exactly what it is that makes one pellet perform better than another in any particular barrel.

He also goes into Dirty Harry mode and picks up the pellet-firing Smith & Wesson Model 29 so he can expose his targets to a bit of magnum force, then steels himself against a zombie apocalypse and opens fire at a couple of reactive targets from The Airgun Target Company.

Richard Saunders has been watching some old war films, and suitably inspired, he reviews five of the best BB replicas on the market, and even manages to get his hands on an authentic Second World War-era Jeep.

And if you’re looking for a pre-charged pneumatic that’s a genuine all-rounder, then Andy McLachlan reckons you need look no further than the Weihrauch HW100, singing this veteran rifle’s praises.

All this is capped off with our Airgun Answers section in which we tackle your questions about how to cope with Target Fever, how to uncover some information about a Sig Hammerli 420 and what happened to the Sussex Sabo.