George Wallace

George Wallace

George’s first name is really William, but he’s always called George to avoid confusion. He holds shotgun and firearm certificates, is a registered firearms dealer, holds an explosives licence for black powder, qualified as range conducting officer, holds DSC 1 and 2 and is an approved instructor of the Muzzle Loaders Association and life member of the British Deer Society. George Wallace also spent 15 years as firearms officer for BASC and for the last ten, firearms advisor to the NGO. His old black German Shepherd, Jack, a constant fishing and shooting companion, will also be familiar to many readers of Sporting Gun.

roe deer buck

As the roebuck season is underway, George Wallace considers his favourite short-barelled roe rifles for off-hand woodland shooting

muntjac deer

When deer stalking, I thought the smallest calibre rifle I could use was a .243? However, I’ve been hearing my .22 bunny gun is legally acceptable.

Shooting the .243 calibre

The .243 calibre is a user-friendly cartridge for shooting deer, mostly roe, and perhaps the occasional fox at ranges out to 200 yards...

Back to basics with an airgun

“The more I practice, the luckier I get,” is a saying most commonly attributed to golfer Gary Player; but whoever said it first, the principle is just as important for those of us who shoot rifles.…

.22 centrefire ammunition

Those of us who like rifles and rifle shooting often develop an interest in calibres and cartridges that are a bit out of the ordinary. It also gives us something…

police car on land

I’m the one with the sharpened pencil who gets called in when victims of the licensing system can’t get any sense out of their local lot. That should not happen, but…

How to clean your rifle

A rifle is a precision instrument and such things really do need to be kept clean if you expect them to work properly. But – and it’s a big BUT –…

.22 centrefire

The question of which is the best .22 centrefire often comes up often, but one can only really reply with another question: best for what? The main considerations are whether…

long-range bullets

Most of us shoot no further than 150 yards, but some pest controllers have to take longer shots. George Wallace looks at the bullets that work best at long-range


A decent rifle, a high-quality telescopic sight and a generous portion of luck are the essential items in the amateur’s fox-control kit