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If you’ve just started shooting you’ll find answers to questions like what is the best first gun or how to buy a gun second-hand. Also what to wear shooting and the legalities you need to know about.

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If you’re a more seasoned shooter you might have questions about your shooting technique and how to improve it. Or queries about the legalities of gun cabinets and shotgun licences.

men shooting pigeons

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running a shoot

Running a shoot: how to make the numbers add up

It has often been said that the only way to make a small fortune from shooting is to start with a big one. There are so many variables, and so many things that are forgotten and left out of a shoot’s budget, that it is easy to get it wrong.…

springer spaniel

Phantom pregnancy? Or could our spaniel really be pregnant?

Is it a phantom pregnancy? Q: We have a young springer spaniel bitch that had her first season about six or seven weeks ago. We made sure she kept away from other dogs, but now her milk glands are developing and her nipples are becoming more prominent. Is this normal?…

Engorged tick

Tick prevention in dogs

Did you know dogs can get Lyme disease too?  Tick prevention in dogs is crucial and removing a tick quickly will prevent the disease being passed on. (Read more on Lyme disease here.) Symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs Fever Loss of appetite Swelling of joints If your dog has…

Burning questions about the end of lead shot

Is UK REACH compliance mandatory? If the proposals were to come into law next year they would be mandatory in England, Wales and Scotland. However, there is a lengthy scrutiny process ahead before any laws are drafted. The proposals and consultation are taking place under the UK’s post-Brexit chemical regulations,…


Is it the right weather to go shooting?

Weather, 25 May West Byfleet Weather +14 High: +17° Low: +7° Humidity: 78% Wind: SW – 26 KPH London Weather +13 High: +17° Low: +9° Humidity: 78% Wind: SW – 22 KPH New York Weather +19 High: +20° Low: +14° Humidity: 44% Wind: SSE – 19 KPH Use this weather…

How to clean your PCP airgun barrel

When you shoot a pellet, a small amount of lead gets deposited in the lands and grooves of the rifling in your barrel – and that’s a good thing. That lead provides a smoother, slicker surface for subsequent pellets to travel over. But the leading will keep getting thicker –…

Why gamekeeping is a calling

There was a time when the vast majority of keepers and stalkers owed their career to an accident of birth. I remember reading something years ago stating that, much like nuns, both nurses and gamekeepers must never be attracted to their chosen profession by high financial reward; gamekeeping is a…

.25 calibre air rifle

The .25 airgun calibre performance

Q: I often go out rabbiting and am considering getting a new .25 air rifle. Does this calibre have enough hitting power for going after long-range rabbits? (Read Bruce Potts on the Harper Classic .25 HW90 in use for rats and pigeons.) A: The .25 airgun calibre is actually not…

How to buy high-quality poults

For most lowland shoots, the cost of pheasant and partridge poults is probably the biggest single outlay in the annual budget, so you want to spend your money wisely. Shopping around is clearly sensible, but beware of going on price alone. All poults are not equal and it is an…

Shooting permissions – how you can maintain yours

For many people getting shooting permissions is one of the hardest aspects of shooting. And even when you’ve done so it doesn’t stop there. (Want to get a shooting permission? Find out how to go about it here) It is only too easy to lose your access. Sometimes it happens…

Shooting near a house

How to deal with issues of spent shot and neighbours

Boundaries and spent shot Q: Our shoot’s boundary is next to a rural property that has several barns with corrugated iron roofs. Sometimes spent shot falls on these roofs, which has caused the owner to become very abusive to the point of saying that he will report us to the…

pigeon shooter

How to get a shooting permission

What is the next step when the local clay shoot or beaters’ day shoot just isn’t enough to satisfy your desire to shoot? If money is no object, you buy a country estate, employ a gamekeeper and throw a load of money at it until you get the shoot you…

Choosing a riflescope

How can you stop a scope fogging up?

Q: When I travel to my stalking grounds in a warm car I get scope fogging on my lenses in the cold weather. What, if anything, can 
I do to stop this? It’s a real nuisance and very irritating when I want to get out in the field.  (Read deer…

Perruque head on doe

What is a perruque head on a deer?

At the end of the rut a yearling buck on my ground was still in dark velvet and showed no signs of drying. The buck has an ear-high four-point head and appears in excellent condition. Is this a perruque and, if so, how long will it take to develop?